Cults of Christianity. New Age, Purpose Driven Movement,
Emerging Church Movement, Mormonism, and more.

Witchcraft masquerading as Christianity - Todd White and others.WATCH
Richard Rives on The Edge radio show 02-19-2005 talking about his website "Too Long Im The Sun". Download
Rory Moore on The Edge radio show 11-11-2006. Download
Caryl Matrisciana on the Radio Liberty show 06-24-2005, talking about "The Purpose Driven Church". Download
Jackie Alnor on the Radio Liberty show 02-27-2007 talking about the emerging church movement. Download
Johanna Mikelson on the Radio Liberty show 08-30-2007, talking about the occult influence in the churches. Download
Audio track from the movie "The Godmakers", an expose of mormonism with Ed Decker. Download
Cathy Burns on the Jack McLamb show 07-05-2005, talking about Billy Graham. Download
Texe Marrs 2006 - Churches and Pastors gone wild. Download
Texe Marrs 2006 - Satan's Purpose, about the "purpose Driven" movement. Download

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